The Celebrant hustle - TV

This video came about not by any deliberate design. I was watching quite a bit of conversation taking place on a few Celebrant forums I was a part of. I kept noticing people were talking about price but I could see that they didn't have a grasp on the fundamentals of what actually drove price.

When the dust settles from the peak of ‘enquiry season’ we need to start to ready ourselves for ‘booking season’…this is when the couples who are actually now ready to book a Celebrant are active in the market.

To ensure that you don’t let too many slip through the net, here’s 5 tips you can do to make sure you get the most bookings you can.

It is often seen that charging more is the best way to go in business. This is not the case, often we may already be priced optimally for our services.

In my first ever video I talked through the concept of the price curve and how the market actually dictates our price and nothing else. In this video I speak to the same curve again only this time I talk about how we start to use it's understanding to our advantage.

There's really two ways we can talk to our couples - Outcomes or 'Things'. Most people by default always talk about things! If you want people to really understand your value, you need to talk about Outcomes. This video explains it all.

So if I am banging on about the business side of things a little too much for your liking, this video explains why. I will step you through the numbers look like for Celebrants these days. This will help you understand why, if we want to continue to make a reasonable living from this industry, you have to start to sharpen up your skills.
Don't get caught up with what others are charging...your price should be set by you completely independent of what others charge. Doesn't mean you can't look at their price to help you work out yours...but just because someone can charge x dollars so can you. Learn more here.
Getting more couples who appreciate what it is that we offer to contact us...that's the utopian goal! In order to so we need to get a few of the basics and fundamentals right first. Here's what they are