Why did I choose the name – The Celebrant HUSTLE?

Since starting my own small businesses the term ‘hustle’ started creeping further and further into my vernacular.


I’m the first to admit, that apart from a memory that has pretty great recall skills…my talents don’t stretch that far. But one thing I know I have that I know I can do well (it’s not really a skill) is to work hard.


Just recently on the Podcast ‘The Hustle Inspired’ (see there it is again) we interviewed Grant Smilie….this guy appears to almost piss a river of gold. He has the midas touch and is a true success story. Grant pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, made a name for himself and now runs THE number 1 ‘go to’ restaurant in LA. But what was the most compelling of all the awesome wisdom he was able to pass on to us was this quote – ‘I always made sure I was the hardest working guy in the room’…and that’s a motto I want to live by.


Some people can ace this business without much effort it appears…I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE people. To get my first 50 bookings I went to the ends to find them. I once caught a train down to Frankston to meet a couple (that’s 3 hours from where I live), did their wedding which was also a 3 hour drive from my house and only charged $500 for the entire thing.


Some people will say that’s me not valuing my time, saying I’m doing it the wrong way…you know what I say to that? You can probably guess! I loved getting that booking and loved doing that wedding…and that enquiry was one of my first ever ‘real’ leads.


I maintain semi-full time employment still…why? Because I can. I can still do all my weddings, start up 3 businesses, run 2 podcasts (the second is coming) and work full time…because I make enough time. Other people would say I’m spreading myself too thin? Maybe I am…but I also know that I am hustling hard.


However let’s take all that other non Celebrant stuff out of the picture for now, as it’s probably not relevant to you. I still work hard on my Celebrant business (at least 10 hours/week…that’s in winter and off season too…peak season it’s more like 20)…and so should you. I am not saying everyone needs to input to that level…but if you want the rewards you need to work hard for it. Marketing, branding, client emails and working out what’s next are all needed.


Becoming a Celebrant is the new ‘I’m a personal trainer’ or ‘I’m a day trader’….the barriers to entry are low and anyone can just about do it. So if you’re not out there working it now…it’s not going to work out for you I feel.


So that’s why this is called the Celebrant Hustle! Because you gotta hustle each and every day if you are about shooting the lights out on this. Hustle is about how you apply yourself and how willing you are to make something work. It’s not about hitting a certain quota of hours, it’s about being and staying committed to the course.


You’ll all be fine…but you’ll be better off if you put a little A LOT of elbow grease into it.

Anthony Cribbes