Why I keep (and will continue to do so) talking about Relevance and Resonance

You will be sick of me soon saying there are only essentially two principles we need to worry about in this job – Relevance and Resonance…eventually the day will come when one of you will just stand up and say – “We get it Cribbes, you don’t have to tell us every time”. And your response whilst understandable still won’t stop me from continuing to do it – Why? Because I 100% believe that these are THE only two factors that determine success in business….that’s it – It’s only TWO factors.


You can have the most whiz-bang set-up, be so technically advanced, have the most thorough systems but in essence any success will have will be limited to the extent that you can truly hone the two R’s (maybe I’ll coin it one day…but let’s face it I ain’t THAT motivated). To help underline why they are so important to business success this blog post will explore what each of them mean and what they will do for your business.


Relevance always comes first as it determines ‘where’ you fit in the industry and this must be understood before we begin really push our business along. The analogy here is that Swimsuit company Seafolly aren’t setting up shop in Iceland are they? Not much demand for kinis in the arctic ocean. So to then do we need to understand who it is that wants to buy our products. Now it’s not enough to say, my market is 25-35 year olds looking to get married…because well done, you have just declared 98% of the market as your target. That’s like wanting to use a spray paint can from Bunnings to recreate the Sistine Chapel. You have to do better than that and much more targeted….you need to understand who is the person that will ideally hire you. I am talking about what would they likely be interested in, what kind of job do they perform, how much are they likely to spend on their wedding and lastly – How important is the role of the Celebrant to them?


Now as much as we’d all love to think that the answer to the last question was – Fricken heaps, they love their Celebrant and it’s central to their day…the reality is, whilst I believe that to becoming a more prevalent part to the market, it’s still a smaller percentage (and minor) of the overall market. Therefore what I am saying here, is that it is still an ok strategy to target people who are looking for a Celebrant to just help get them married…that’s it. Those people exist, just like the people who are looking for a certain look, vibe, gender or whatever else they use to decide. The important factor is not which ones you, rather that you pick the right attributes that you can genuinely speak to and in all reality – Win at….and by win, I mean, get hired more often than not. It is important not to get ambitious or let your ego kick in and set your business up to get target clients who in all seriousness you’re not going to win because you don’t actually appeal to them or it’s not who you are.


If I can give one piece of advice (fat chance of that though hey!!)…it would be this – Don’t try and be anything other than your genuine good self. Authenticity, or lack thereof, can be smelt a thousand miles-a-way and even further.


So if that was Relevance, Resonance is simply how well we can craft our message to our target audience…that’s it. Now it sounds simple but if it was we’d all be sitting in silk robes and hardly getting out of bed…so clearly it’s not that straight forward. For those familiar with my ‘Price Curve’ I talk about where you sit on the curve…that is you relevance…how much work you can than pick up under your place on the curve is the outcome on how well you execute your relevance.


Now improving relevance is probably a series of posts, so I do apologise if it feels like all I have done here is introduce a topic and then delivered nothing that meaningful. But it is an in depth subject however think of it as a mix of getting your brand right, your marketing on song, social media content, making your website snappy and speaking exactly the language of your target market and lastly presenting this way each and every time you engage – Whether that’s in a meeting, networking with people and actually when you’re Celebranting…this is why you need to be genuine…as you have to be it 100% of the time people can see, hear, touch and smell you.


So there you have it…if you get Relevance and Resonance sorted, the business success will just come…it has to.


All the best with it.