Why did I choose the name – The Celebrant HUSTLE?

Since starting my own small businesses the term ‘hustle’ started creeping further and further into my vernacular.

I’m the first to admit, that apart from a memory that has pretty great recall skills…my talents don’t stretch that far. But one thing I know I have that I know I can do well (it’s not really a skill) is to work hard.

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Anthony Cribbes
Why I keep (and will continue to do so) talking about Relevance and Resonance

You will be sick of me soon saying there are only essentially two principles we need to worry about in this job – Relevance and Resonance…eventually the day will come when one of you will just stand up and say – “We get it Cribbes, you don’t have to tell us every time”. And your response whilst understandable still won’t stop me from continuing to do it – Why? Because I 100% believe that these are THE only two factors that determine success in business….that’s it – It’s only TWO factors.

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Just starting out as a Celebrant…here’s some things I wish someone had told me

Hey guys, this post is purely for the newbies, soon to be Celebrants or Celebrants who are have been in the game awhile but are only now about to get cracking on with it. This is all about the key parts to this business that I wish I had known about (or at the very least known more about) but had to learn through the hard way.

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