Hi Guys, 

One of the key documents that we have to fill out in the lead up to your wedding is the NOIM. If you can complete this form, I can take this info and put it all in the documentation for you and it makes it all nice and easy!

This is how you will be identified on your marriage Certificate
Person 1 - Name *
Person 1 - Name
I'll need middle names too....put them in the first name field as well
If choosing 'x' you do need documentation to support it...the Government's rules not mine
Person 1 - Birth Date *
Person 1 - Birth Date
Must match your Passport or Birth Cert
Years and months
First, Middle, Last
First, Middle, Maiden Last
Person 2 - Name *
Person 2 - Name
Person 2 - Birth Date *
Person 2 - Birth Date
First, Middle, Last
First, Middle, Last
Wedding Location *
Wedding Location
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Ceremony Start Time (approx) *
Ceremony Start Time (approx)