Hi, I'm Anthony.

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Things I love: Eddie Vedder, Dogs, AFL (Go Demons!) and weddings.

I became a marriage celebrant to fulfill my mission to help make weddings what they’re meant to be – a celebration! A celebration of how two totally awesome people found each other, and true love.

This means banishing boring, scripted, heard-it-all-before ceremonies and creating a celebration of each individual couple, with plenty of fun, laughter, touching moments and happy tears.

I live on what I like to think is a little slice of heaven, 40 acres just outside Ballarat with my incredibly beautiful wife Matilda (that's her in the pic), dog Misty, cat Otis, our 5 horses, chickens and the countless Kangaroos that call our place their home.

I'm all about good music, good people and making life an experience. I also believe strongly in people living harmoniously with our planet which is why I am an advocate for sustainability, a vegetarian (but a non-preachy one) and support helping those who need our help...whoever they are.



I never thought I’d laugh so much during my wedding ceremony! Anthony, with his natural, quirky style absolutely made our day! From the very first moment we were comfortable and at ease, smiling the whole time and just truly loving every second. Afterwards, so many people asked if he was a personal friend because he really made it feel like he’d known us for years. He had everyone laughing and smiling with us through the whole ceremony; we couldn’t have asked for a better celebrant!
— Julia Brilliant