Melbourne based Wedding Celebrant for rockin weddings

waNT TO get married?!! 

Do you think that all weddings should pretty much be the same?

Have the same feel and vibe and be fairly boring for your guests?
Great, neither do I!

If I am so lucky as to be your celebrant of choice, the person that will help you declare your unyielding devotion to each other, it is my commitment to deliver a ceremony that is unique to you. I will help you capture the true essence of what makes you two each other’s ‘the one’, with a bit of good fun and a true celebration.

To help out with your decision I offer my IRON CLAD guarantee of a ‘NO CLICHÉ, RUN OF THE MILL, HEARD IT BEFORE’ type of wedding. I work hard at my craft and never perform the same ceremony twice…although I can’t guarantee I won’t re-use the odd corny joke ;)

So please, contact me to make an obligation free appointment. I would love to talk to you more about it.




People thAT i love to work with

Check out the suppliers who I love to work with on weddings the most...I've called them the Rat Pack, because they're all so very very cool.

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Great, you're interested in having me be your celebrant for your special day,

let’s get started.


Step 1: Let's Meet

I like to keep the process nice and easy, if you want to know more about my views on weddings and why I became a celebrant we can set-up a completely obligation free meeting.

If we're a good match for each other and you want to proceed...that's music to my ears and we will lock your date in!

Step 2: Let's create your wedding

We will sit down together over a coffee (or something similar if that's your might be mine!) and we will create your ceremony as a team. It's my job to guide you through the process, but ultimately we will create your wedding, how you had always wanted it to be.

We can meet us much as you like to make your wedding happen...there are no additional or hidden charges.

Step 3: Let's make a Wedding

This is the best part...we make you Wife and Husband, Husband and Wife, Wife and Wife or Husband and Husband.

It is my job to make this the best day ever for you, your guests and whoever else is involved in the wedding. I love weddings, they are the best moments in the world.