Public Speaking

Public Speaking


Are you running an event and are looking for speakers? Haven spoken and presented at quite a number of Celebrant conferences, I am always keen to share my knowledge and experience with others. If I can help others make the improvements to their businesses to ensure that they keep on working in what they love, then I am a very happy man.

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"I've been attending OPD for 10 years, this is the best presentation I have ever heard"

"I was feeling like my business was a bit of a lost cause, now I know what I need to do to get it working once more"

"Digital used to be so scary to I understand it so simply and easily that it no longer daunts me"

- These are just some of the feedback snippets that people have given me from the sessions that I have run in the past. 


Teaching people and spreading knowledge on businesses and how to get them running to 110% is my passion. I love to share what it is that I know and have experienced with others so that they can benefit.