My Fee/Your Fee Business Coaching

My Fee/Your Fee Business Coaching


Welcome to my Business Coaching course…with a difference.

The real challenge for most people when developing their business, is what expenses are worth it and what are not. Especially in the start up and growth phase of any business, money is critical.

So I have developed the ‘My Fee/Your Fee’ model, something completely radical and different. I will offer all of my advice and coaching. You will only pay me when you have made 10 bookings thanks to all the advice and coaching that you receive.

You will also only pay me the equivalent of what you charge for 1 wedding. That’s it. This means I am wearing all the risk. If my advice doesn’t work for you, then I don’t get paid. This way you know I am as incentivised as you are…if not more. It also means you pay once the cashflow has started. Zero upfront costs….repeat ZERO.

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Hi There,

Are you looking for help and advice to either grow or start-up your Celebrant Business? Well I think you have come to the right place. My coaching course will take you through all the elements you need to ensure that you have a thriving Celebrant business that meets everything that you wished it was and more.

We cover all aspects from:

  • business basics,
  • marketing and branding strategies,
  • how to sell and have people understand your true value
  • identifying your niche market and playing to strengths
  • tips to improve your website
  • and much, much more

All sessions are conducted either face-to-face or over Skype and are always One-on-One.

The best bit of all of it - You only have to pay for the course fully when you start seeing the benefits. We will agree upfront what your fee is going to be...then you only pay me fully once you have made 10 bookings at this price. This means you pay me out of your business cashflow. 

Here are the full details of the course -

The balance is due only when you make your 10th booking
Minimum 3 many as we need until you make booking number 10 (average will be 4)
1 follow up session 3 months after you have made your 10th booking