Sian and Harri

These two came all the way from their home in New York City to the tiny town of Cobaw in Central Victoria to be married on Harri's parent's farm. They had a great little ceremony on a beautiful hillside, with friends and family enjoying a laugh and some good drinks.

Photos by Lakshal Perera.

As neither Sian or I are particularly religious, when the decision came to choosing a celebrant our primary concern was in finding someone who would inject the right amount of excitement into the oration whilst not compromising on the intimacy the occasion demanded; and on those two points Anthony nailed it.
In fact, so on point was Anthony’s delivery on the day that he had the crowd in fits of laughter, in bouts of sobbing and convinced that he was an old family friend who had known us for years! Further, having procured Anthony’s services from abroad - we live in NYC - his professional and courteous approach was greatly appreciated and comes highly recommended.

Sian and Henri's wedding photographer was Cass Sutton (Lakshal Perera).

Rose Onans