Megan and Stephen

Megan and Steven were married at the Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo in Melbourne's CBD, but they initially met when they were both working in Canada. Megan was initially confused and amused by Steven's Irish accent - on their first date she thought he was impersonating Brad Pitt from Snatch, only to realise that was just the way he talks!

Photos by I do Indeed Photography.

Stephen and I want to give a massive shout out to Anthony, aka ‘Best Celebrant Ever’, for people looking for an alternative to the cliché "traditions" that EVERYONE tells you you must have (spoiler alert: it's all lies!) Anthony is your guy. He's funny, charismatic, creative and HE GETS IT. Our ceremony was like nothing anyone had seen - largely because Anthony was at the helm to make it feel genuine and personal. Plus, you have to trust a man who can pull off a brown suit w pink kisses
Rose Onans