Jason and Joanne

From their meeting in Singapore to their wedding at Yarra Valley Estate, we took Jason and Joanne's guests on a journey from that first meeting to their happily ever after in Melbourne. (Corny as it may sound, it was actually super sweet! Promise).

Anthony in 4 words
Energetic, Captivating, Professional and Engaging.
Why did I choose these words, well it simply sums up our experience with this great man. Anthony did a fantastic job of making people feel that this was a moment in history (which of course it was) and that there was no other place anyone needed to be but right here at our wedding and that it was an absolute privilege being there. He went the extra mile to have a chat with us beforehand to know our story, and added snippets of uniqueness that only our guests would appreciate e.g. our Singaporean guests loved it that he included 'Singlish' when thanking them for gracing the occasion.  We couldn’t ask for anything more in how Anthony conducted himself through the day and night (he was our Celebrant and MC), everything ran like clockwork, he organised people, he was clear and articulate and takes time to really get to know you and everyone else. The best part- he encouraged friends of ours who never danced at their own wedding onto our dance floor! The best review - from the guests themselves. We have had friends expressing delight with Anthony, that he is professional and made the occasion very enjoyable.  We highly recommend Anthony for your wedding and MC work. Anthony’s personality simply makes him “fit in” which was awesome, great job mate, keep it up!
Rose Onans